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Orange Dragon is equipped with portable wheelchair ramp.
For best service, please telephone ahead although not necessary.
122 Orange Street
Prescott, Wisconsin. 54021
Assist The Dragon:
Grace, the formidable dragon who is perched upon the gallery can always use assistance in her duties as Guardian of the Arts and the easiest way to do this is to make occasional visits, look around and if you see something you like, purchase it. This helps us keep the lights on and tells the artist that you like thier work and that they should keep it up.

Sometimes it is very difficult to be creative without positive feedback and purchase is very much, positive feedback (kind notes work also). Also, much of The Dragon's operating capital comes from commisioned sales.
Tell your friends, family and neighbors about The Orange Dragon. Get them in our door.
Join the gallery and exhibit your artwork or mention us to other artists you may know.
Alert the media! Tell them about the community gallery with local artists - your friends and neighbors!
Volunteer some of your time. There are always weeds to pull or window boxes to dress up (seriously! We can always use help with the garden!
Other simple ways to assist:
Even more ways to assist:
Make a donation in any amount. Every penny goes a long way (a lot further than you might imagine). A $300 dollar donation automatically makes you a gallery sponsor for a year!
Become a gallery sponsor by pledging $25 for 12 months. It  will help Grace do her duties and will make you feel good too. Your monthly pledge will be automatically run through PayPal.
Remember! Gifts to The Orange Dragon Art Gallery are tax deductable!
Closed January - March Except for Special Events
Community Gallery - Local Artists - Volunteer Staff
Open April - December Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm